Anu ~God of Spirits and Demons~

Anu ~God of Demon and Spirits~

As part of my continuous approach to study the Sumerian Mythology and its pantheon, I wrote many poems about the world of the gods, the heroes, and more.  Also, I have composed many pieces (Still novice, though) and one of them that I would like to share today is Anu ~ God of Demon and Spirits~.

First of all, I started the project when I was studying music theory (Self-Study).  I had this idea of Anu, who plays a key role in the Epic of Gilgamesh, giving the throne to Enlil.  The whole image started on Piano, but then developed to have the other string parts in it to pick up the pace in a tone that will sound sorrowful, and feeling pity to the world of men.  At the same time, I thought I should’ve started with C Major for it is a simple key as well as lacking sharps.  In terms of mixing, it is the hard part of the whole thing, there you could actually take off a whole section of say, Piano, and turn it onto a guitar or so.  Sometimes, it pains you to do so…haha.

Anu’s role was so great in the Epic of Gilgamesh and that he relinquished his post as the ‘Father of the gods’, having Enlil (the later leader of the pantheon) taking over, causing the Great Flood.  The cello and doublebass at the end of this piece tell the story of the that flood in quite moving movements or so I think.

Remember, I am not professional and I do this for myself as a hobby.

Anu 1

First part of the ‘Anu’ piece.


The Second part in which the strings takes in.

You can listen to the piece on Soundcloud:


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