Weary Afternoon

“Weary Afternoon”


Ali Makki aka Amylian


4:40 PM


Off I lead myself into

That dirty cage – circumambulating around

To earn my little pay.

The beatific azure fades,

And it leaves me alone with music and books.

Hurts, this worldly bite;

Staining my happiness with false pride

Tearing to shreds my variegated will.


I still live,

And lament still,

The Wind of November hallows,

And torment flows,


It whispers to me and time stops

In this white room:

“Ye shall live, ye shall lament,

Ye shall lament, ye shall die,

Ye shall die, ye shall have wings

To fly, before they kiss thee goodbye.”


No more can I hide the truth

From you my humble reader,


Know well that dreams never protect,

Dream what you want until dawn,

But when you awaken,

Spare me the details of your misery;

For I am but a busy entity,

For I am weary of this afternoon.


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