Ishtar ~ Goddess of Love

“Ishtar ~ Goddess of Love and Fertility”

I will take this little time of mine to speak my mind about a short piece of composition in relation to Ishtar, the Akkadian Goddess of Love.  Ishtar is known for her representation of beauty, sex, war and love and is equivalent of the Greeks goddess, Aphrodite.   In the Epic of Gilgamesh, she asked him to marry her, but he refused greatly and recited his famous lines, explaining that she will only bring doom to him by telling her the fate of her lovers.

The piece I composed started when I bought a flute, and read some theories about it.  At the time, I was reading the Epic of Gilgamesh, so the idea came to me, “Why should not I compose for Ishtar?”  I asked myself.  I read that the harp was an ancient instrument so I included it.  It starts in E-major; that is, it is suited for contemplation as well as orchestral strings in which I, also, included.  This is simply music of meditation.  The piece you are about to listen to is the first phase only.  I am still working on making this my magnum opus.

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“Ishtar” — Composed & Arranged by Amylian


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