Murakami’s Novel, 1Q84. First Impression.


By Haruki Murakami

First Impression

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My first impression of the novel is quite positive (as I have read only 30 pages for today.)  Murakami respectively hails as one the best selling-authors in Japan and of the world to say the least.  His novels have been translated to more than forty languages.  Murakami’s latest novel, 1Q84, captures a dystopian society in which morals, social and political acuity is at stakes.   It is published in three volumes, or books, and I have to say, it is no ordinary novel as it spans more than 1000 pages; yet, it is captivating and hard to put down at times. Society is in ruin. Anyways, Murakami creates his usual unique characters such as Aomame, which means ‘Green Peas’, who is likely to do the unordinary.  Tengo, the math teacher, aspiring to be a writer and get published, is rather a fun character and relatable.  I, myself, am a person whose dream is to be published one day.  This Tengo has had a harsh memory sticking in his head, and he feels dizzy whenever it comes up. I don’t want to spoil much although I am tempted.  Finally, not to forget the last character whom I felt I should’ve known better as I haven’t had the chance in my real life to deal with one like him.  Komatsu, an editor, helps Tengo gets published (that is if I am not mistaken up till now.) This character is likeable and has ways to talk to people.  The ones hating him are more than the ones who like him.  And the ones he hates are more than the ones he likes.  Read the Norwegian Wood and you would also be amazed at how wonderful his characters are “alive” and “believable.”

Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami

Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami

Murakami’s style reminds me of his novel, Kafka on the Shore, which had been the most bizarre novel that I have ever read in my life, and one of the novels that I didn’t quite actually understand.  It didn’t prevent me from reading it though.  I feel that 1Q84 would be the same.  The plot could be confusing, but the style is so simple, yet imaginative. The plot involves love, mystery, suspicion, fantasy, sex, and all that is considered to lay society in ruins.  Will I be able to witness one of his characters be able to overcome the lust of ruin? If so, I’d like to see how.  If not, I’d like to see how they fall to such a miserable fate.  Dystopia is a society that is undesirable or frightening, according to Wikipedia.  It is true. In all what I see in his novel such as the traffics, the mesmerizing courage of ordinary people (who are the characters), the memories of a mother having sex with a stranger, and the passing of the Expressway, which is supposed to be used only during emergencies.  Murakami makes good use of descriptive details, which I guarantee that they are not boring whatsoever. You will want more! His world is a living breathing world and is typical of him, Murakami I mean.

I encourage all of you who haven’t read it to pick it up.  They say it rivals George Orwell’s novel, 1984, which I guess the title of Murakami’s novel is derived from.  I think the Q might be a homophone in Japanese or some kind of word play.  I will have to search that up. I haven’t as well read George Orwell’s novel so I guess I am not in a position to make a choice in which novel is better.  I am certain I will read it one day!  Haha hopefully once I finish this Mega-novel!


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