The Art of Music

“The Art of Music”


In the past two days, I’ve been thinking of a certain philosophy to the way I create music. Well, I am not professional, but I create music as a hobby.  An amateur you might say.   However, I can say, music is simply in our mind.  If you can get it out of your head down on a paper, or any software out there, is enough.  Unless of course you can let a studio mix it for you, or you’d rather rent a whole orchestra to perform it is entirely up to you. Haha.  Reasons behind music is what makes it alive just as there might be a reason for living. 

I’d like to share today two pieces of music I have created.  They are not exactly what I had in mind, for I had a bigger vision, but, unfortunately, limited resources and software.


#1 The Beast Awakens – Composed & Arranged by me.

Well, I cannot ignore the fact that I have been influenced by Chopin here. However, the title bears meaning, and I guess it broadens the imagination.


#2 Blue World — Composed & Arranged by me.

The fact that I live in a hazardous environment, surrounded by oil factories is the reason I composed this one.


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