Soul Crusher

“Soul Crusher” By Ali Makki (Amylian)


Don’t weep your misery of life,

In you, my devious desire is revealed.

You are bleeding beauty,

The walls around you cry out lustful music.

soon, soon, I am holding you soon

Lest the overture of ritualistic love bloom.


Free me from this unbearable suffering,

Break the chains that bind my hands.

This dark light, this dim light

In it I fade, it is cold, and painful,

No mirror is there to behold my beauty,

What have you done to me?


Too you, soul crusher, I have done nothing.

The winter wind weights your laments,

your plight, your song have reached out to me,

Your Letters of Lust have reached out to me.


Enough of lies, I shall hear no more,

How despicable you are,

I was a fool, wretched,

To trust a man.

Look into my eyes,

And know that you are forever damned,

Forever cursed,

I will sing to you death,

I will sing to you damnation.

The End


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