House of Yearning

“House of Yearning”– By Amylian

 Wrath unfolded with silly conceit

Till the devil drowned sin with grief

In the Forgotten Garden of Time


Between the lyrics of old songs,

Amongst the ruined houses, romances and roses,

Love and charms, but…


The world has gone insane,

Lies piled up like dunes,

Where poisonous scorpions live.


Sensations wore a decorated, frenetic mask,

Miscreant hearts became eloquent,

Eyes burned with vengeance.


I don’t like the song anymore…


Wrath, I implore you, by God, by the angels, by the Devil

I praise your sins, you’re the sorrowful savior,

You’re the warm-hearted, benignant friend,

You’re the mother and father in the house of yearning.



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