The Sheep Barn

“The Sheep Barn”

By Ali Makki (Aliad)


I have packed my wares and belongings,

For the Sheep Barn waves at me, demanding

I pass the narrow roads of Sanad in the morning.

Gazing at the miserable, dull faces

I smile as usual, at the cats, the passing sheep,

And the selected few of human beings…  

There it is, the Sheep Barn, the School of Knowledge.10372554_10206131720162431_3642982968663535854_n




“Butterfly” — “Fish” — “Fly”

“Butterfly” — By Ali Makki

You paled-colored insect,

We were fooled.

Fish” — By Ali Makki

Oh Hamoor, Anfooz, and Rabbit fish,

Forgive Allah for creating your cruel fate;

You are eaten, Your butts gnawed,

Your mouths always wide open, your eyes too,

Yet, you don’t dare to speak a word.

“To the frying pan, fish, yeee haaa”

“Fly” — By Ali Makki

You don’t deserve to live,

You don’t deserve elegant poetry.