Requiem — Ali Makki

Requiem –Ali Makki

God! Woe! Woe to them,

Those wicked souls on Earth,

In death we shall sing requiem,

Grim clouds shall bleed gloomy dearth.


Enraged was the roar of heaven,

No longer  shall wretched souls delve in

The soft mist coiled in passion and sin,

We mourn, and wipe our tears within.


Glory to death,  glory to the afterlife,

Glory to death, glory to eternal strife,

Glory to death, glory to pain and suffering,

Glory to death, glory to the mad man’s offering.




“Violena” — Composed & Arranged by Ali Makki (Amylian)

“Violena” — Composed and Arranged by Amylian.

I still remember the days when I was composing this piece.  I wanted to capture a somber tone blended with a dark atmosphere that can sting the hearts.  This piece went so many phases and changes and I think I am proud of the latest one, which I am presenting now.

However, the title “Violena” is hard to describe.  It’s derived from “violin” and as for  the “na”, it’s just my way of making it sound like a female.   In truth, I wrote this piece accompanied by female soprano, but since I am only working on a simple computer and programs, I couldn’t include it.  I am a man who loves female voices and I consider them to be heavenly and bringer of happiness or sadness. Their voice is like a world in its own, just waiting to be unleashed. At the end, I decided to include the organs to set the dark mood.  


This is the first 4 bars.  Of course in the latest version, it’s different because of all the arrangement and mixing that’s been done!  You can listen to the piece below on Soundcloud.  Remember, I am just composing music for fun and I am no professional whatsoever.

“The Morning Dew” –By Ali Makki

“The Morning Dew” –By Ali Makki


Behold the morning dew,

Drifting on your face,

Falling from trees, falling from grace

Onto the mist of your dreams.


Sing the morning mist,

Carry smiles in peace,

Hold the music dear

A world of brilliance is near.


Break the morning sleep,

Open your arms wide,

Breathe the mist away,

Share the slice of love.



The End


After Dark by Haruki Murakami (First Impression)

“After Dark” — Haruki Murakami”

First Impression

I have enjoyed Murakami’s Sputnik Sweetheart and its mysterious ending.  I have, however, started reading his novel, After Dark.  So I’m writing my first impression of the novel.  As usual, Haruki Murakami is a mastermind when it comes to creating palpable and enthralling stories of encounters.  In fact, the story is set during the mid-night hours.  It involves haunting dreams, world of savagery, bookish girls and music. Each has his own secret.  Haruki Murakami has created a world in which we would either want to live in or otherwise.  Sometimes we might thank God for being just observers and  that we have no part to play in all of this except feeling sympathy. 

What interested me more is the way the story is told and the perspective in which we, the readers, perceive it.  Haruki uses present simple technique so we can actually live the moment, and observe. The narrator refers to itself  as “we”, which basically makes it like an actual ghost, observing like a camera, but not intervening in the events of the story. It zooms in and out into the lives of characters. It’s “omnipotent”. It’s really a powerful technique.  It’s mesmerizing  filled with metaphysical speculation of the themes of love and exploration as well as the interplay between compassion and self-expressing. Most of the time, the characters would discuss various topics such as death, love, hate and all other existentialist questions.  The book is divided into short chapters and each chapter is an experiment of a different story-telling device.

 I still have a long way to go, but I think I will finish this novel in no time.  It’s sleek and gripping.  It’s easy to read.  So I strongly recommend it if you’re a fan of Murakami’s works.


Soul Crusher

“Soul Crusher” By Ali Makki (Amylian)


Don’t weep your misery of life,

In you, my devious desire is revealed.

You are bleeding beauty,

The walls around you cry out lustful music.

soon, soon, I am holding you soon

Lest the overture of ritualistic love bloom.


Free me from this unbearable suffering,

Break the chains that bind my hands.

This dark light, this dim light

In it I fade, it is cold, and painful,

No mirror is there to behold my beauty,

What have you done to me?


Too you, soul crusher, I have done nothing.

The winter wind weights your laments,

your plight, your song have reached out to me,

Your Letters of Lust have reached out to me.


Enough of lies, I shall hear no more,

How despicable you are,

I was a fool, wretched,

To trust a man.

Look into my eyes,

And know that you are forever damned,

Forever cursed,

I will sing to you death,

I will sing to you damnation.

The End

Ishtar ~ Goddess of Love

“Ishtar ~ Goddess of Love and Fertility”

I will take this little time of mine to speak my mind about a short piece of composition in relation to Ishtar, the Akkadian Goddess of Love.  Ishtar is known for her representation of beauty, sex, war and love and is equivalent of the Greeks goddess, Aphrodite.   In the Epic of Gilgamesh, she asked him to marry her, but he refused greatly and recited his famous lines, explaining that she will only bring doom to him by telling her the fate of her lovers.

The piece I composed started when I bought a flute, and read some theories about it.  At the time, I was reading the Epic of Gilgamesh, so the idea came to me, “Why should not I compose for Ishtar?”  I asked myself.  I read that the harp was an ancient instrument so I included it.  It starts in E-major; that is, it is suited for contemplation as well as orchestral strings in which I, also, included.  This is simply music of meditation.  The piece you are about to listen to is the first phase only.  I am still working on making this my magnum opus.

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“Ishtar” — Composed & Arranged by Amylian