Requiem — Ali Makki

Requiem –Ali Makki

God! Woe! Woe to them,

Those wicked souls on Earth,

In death we shall sing requiem,

Grim clouds shall bleed gloomy dearth.


Enraged was the roar of heaven,

No longer  shall wretched souls delve in

The soft mist coiled in passion and sin,

We mourn, and wipe our tears within.


Glory to death,  glory to the afterlife,

Glory to death, glory to eternal strife,

Glory to death, glory to pain and suffering,

Glory to death, glory to the mad man’s offering.




“The Morning Dew” –By Ali Makki

“The Morning Dew” –By Ali Makki


Behold the morning dew,

Drifting on your face,

Falling from trees, falling from grace

Onto the mist of your dreams.


Sing the morning mist,

Carry smiles in peace,

Hold the music dear

A world of brilliance is near.


Break the morning sleep,

Open your arms wide,

Breathe the mist away,

Share the slice of love.



The End


She Melted in the Rain

“She Melted in the Rain” –By Ali Makki


She melted in the rain,

Igniting ring of death,

She seized the wind,

Stealing away my breath.


She melted in the rain,

Steering flagrant desire,

Crushed the face of heaven,

Sweeping away my entire.


She melted in the rain,

Shattering the earth beneath,

Tearing apart the bald planet,

The deadly scythe did seethe



The End