“Violena” — Composed & Arranged by Ali Makki (Amylian)

“Violena” — Composed and Arranged by Amylian.

I still remember the days when I was composing this piece.  I wanted to capture a somber tone blended with a dark atmosphere that can sting the hearts.  This piece went so many phases and changes and I think I am proud of the latest one, which I am presenting now.

However, the title “Violena” is hard to describe.  It’s derived from “violin” and as for  the “na”, it’s just my way of making it sound like a female.   In truth, I wrote this piece accompanied by female soprano, but since I am only working on a simple computer and programs, I couldn’t include it.  I am a man who loves female voices and I consider them to be heavenly and bringer of happiness or sadness. Their voice is like a world in its own, just waiting to be unleashed. At the end, I decided to include the organs to set the dark mood.  


This is the first 4 bars.  Of course in the latest version, it’s different because of all the arrangement and mixing that’s been done!  You can listen to the piece below on Soundcloud.  Remember, I am just composing music for fun and I am no professional whatsoever.


Welcome to my World


This is my first post here and I would welcome everyone from across the world to my own world.  My name is Ali Makki and my pen-name is ‘Amylian’.  I come from Bahrain.

No wonder that my world is filled with amazing desires for literature, specifically Greeks Classics and Bahraini Mythology in which I will try hard to approach the latter. I do write my own poems and stories, which, I am sure they will be to your liking.

The Fallen

From the piece, ‘Beatrice’

Having a dream of becoming a composer is also an apparition I had literary followed.  I composed few music and of course non-profitable and non-professional, but just as a hobby. I crave to be a composer and I am self-studying Music Theory and Composition really hard as much as I could. My favorite instrument is the Violincello, which you may notice in every track I compose!  You can check my sounds in Soundcloud and of course give your feedback.


Moving on,  I am currently an English Teacher at Al-Tawon Secondary School for Boys. It is 5 minutes away by car. I guess my dream has come true, but teaching is an exhausting business, but if there is one thing or two this profession has taught me is learn how to stay ‘vigilant’ as well well ‘well-planned and prepared’


Part of a plan ‘Our Students are our Teachers.’


This is me, Mr. Ali

I cannot say that I am not enjoying the way the students look at me and calling me ‘Mr. Ali’ or in Arabic, ‘Astad Ali’.  This feeling has so much weigh; that is, if it falls on your shoulders, you must be strong enough to carry it.  Will I be strong enough to do so? I wonder.

Anyway, I hope my next blog will be less introductory and I will try hard to bring you interesting works of mine, be it literature, philosophy, music, videogames, and more…!

Thank You.